Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Broadway Seeks, Welcomes, and Values all people

Broadway is a unique Chruch in that is more focused on what happends outside the walls of the Church than anything going on inside. Outside of the walls of Broadway is the neighbrohood of Mapleton Fall Creek. Which is a neighbrohood stricken by gentrafication, poverty, racism, drugs, deteriorating and boarded up houses, and an overall plight that has allowed the neighborhood to almost be completely overlooked by the city.
Instead of walking from door to door and asking the neighborhood residents what are their needs and how can the church help? They engage in conversation and relationship to discover their gifts, talents, dreams, and desires. Instead of helping people Broadway is attempting to give opportunity for peoples gifts, talents, passions, and desires to flourish and in the process their needs will be satisfied and the neighborhood will experience positive social change.
At least, thats what I know so far, I am sure that by the end of my experience I will have much more to say on this. Stay tuned.

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